“Garry was ONE minute early. Timeliness is important to me, so his timing was super. He put on his booties (to save my flooring) and asked if he ought to wear a mask. We spent more than an hour-and-a-half moving about the house, his taking measurements and looking at my current furnace, windows, house orientation, etc., talking about the day when I will be needing a new furnace/AC system. Mine is 16 years old and still working well, so I was just gathering information for the day when things are needed. What he told me was not hard-sell information, just introducing me to what's out there in a couple brands. I've used Kellermeier since I've lived in this house (6 years), and I will call them when it is time to replace this system. I look forward to using their services again. You might pay a bit more, but I feel like these folks are concentrating on the right things: the customer and their comfort in their home.”

– Roberta T.