“Kellermeier Technician was polite, professional and on time. However, my problem was not corrected do to him not having good enough equipment to perform the job. After 50 minutes, a bottle of acid and running an inadequate drain cleaning cable through my sink drain 3 times, my drain would still not drain. So an hour later and paying $307 to do exactly what I did the previous days I still had a plugged drain. The technician then proceeded to give me the number of a guy who had better equipment to do the job. The next day Tim Kuzmaul from Clean Thru came out was at my house 10 minutes and it was cleared and charged $100.. If you do not have good enough equipment to do the job I suggest making the recommendation to call the other guy before making someone write a $307 check for nothing! The total cost to get my drained cleaned was $407. Needless to say I will be keep Tim’s number in my contacts for future reference.”

– Brian Lenz