Tankless water heaters are a compact, energy-efficient way to provide virtually unlimited hot water for a home when they are installed correctly and sized appropriately. Many advances have been made in the technology over the last decade or so, and if you are considering replacing an older tankless water heater, you may find that today’s models are more efficient, more reliable, and more cost-effective than your current tankless water heater.

At Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating, we offer complete tankless water heater replacement services, featuring the latest models from leading manufacturers like Rinnai. Our team of professional plumbers has extensive experience with tankless water heaters and can install your new system quickly and efficiency. For over 50 years, our family-owned company has been providing residents of Bowling Green, Toledo, and the surrounding communities with quality plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services.

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The Benefits of a New Tankless Water Heater for Your Toledo Area Home

As tankless water heaters have evolved, new technologies have improved the basic design significantly. The latest models feature:

  • Virtually unlimited hot water
  • A compact, space-saving design
  • Flexible installation in a variety of locations
  • Up to 96 percent thermal efficiency
  • Up to a 25-year lifespan
  • Modular designs that simplify repairs
  • Improved resistance to corrosion and mineral accumulation
  • Reduced energy usage and utility bills

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Tankless Water Heater Replacement Service in the Bowling Green Area

When you are ready to install a new tankless water heater, our experts at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating will work with you to determine your hot water demands and to select an appropriate system for needs and your budget. Afterward, our plumbing professionals will install the system, which typically includes:

  • Removing the existing water heater
  • Performing any necessary upgrades to the gas, electrical, or vent systems
  • Mounting the water heater and connecting water, gas, and electric supplies
  • Installing an optional recirculation system
  • Verifying system performance

With proper maintenance and our thorough, professional installation, your new water heater can provide many years of reliable service.

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Protecting Your Tankless Water Heater

To keep you new water heater performing efficiently and properly, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, including tasks like:

  • Properly treating your water to prevent mineral accumulations
  • Periodic flushing of minerals and sediment from the water heater
  • Cleaning the burners or replacing the heating elements as required

At Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating, we can also provide complete maintenance services for your tankless water heater. Contact us today to learn more!

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Whether you are replacing a tankless water heater or a conventional model, our team at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating can install a new water heater quickly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a modern, on-demand water heating system.

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