August 2017

Power Surges
Chimney Chase Pans
Summer Special
My Upstairs is Too Warm
Save $$ With New Fan
AC Renew
No Ductwork, No Problem
Rain, Rain and More Rain
Banana Fluff
R-22 Phase Out

April 2017

Rinnai Connected
No More Detergents
Spring Special
Grill Season
Commercial Hot Water
April Showers
Kansas City Kababs
No Ductwork, No Problem

February 2017

Consumer Alert
Columbia Gas Rebates
Fireplace Insert Clearance
Grill Off Season Sale
High Efficiency Replacement
Low Water Pressure
Protect Your Basement

August 2016

Protect Your Home
Let Us Help You
Keeping Warm
Plug Your Home Into the Earth
The Grill of Your Dreams

April 2016

Great Time to Replace
Shocking Alert
Black Swamp
Duct Sealing

April 2015

Another Cold Winter
Rebates and Financing
Spring Is On Its Way
Water Heater Changes Are Here
Conserve Water

November 2014

Rebates Are Ending
Win-Win Scratch Off Program
Cold Weather Is Coming
CO Detectors
Water Heater Changes on the Horizon

August 2014

Furnace Overload
High Propane Bills? Threat of No Gas?

April 2014

Wow! What a Winter
36 Months 0% or Up to $1,150 Cash Rebate and a 10 Year Warranty
High Propane Bills? Threat of No Gas?
The Heat Is a Coming
Grilling Again

January 2014

To Seal Or Not To Seal
Licensed Contractors
Are Your Feet Getting Wet?
Are You Ready for Spring Rains?
Is Your Water Soft?
Extreme Weather
Easy Chicken Chili
Seasonal Tips

  • Change your heating system filter
  • Have your heating system tuned up to provide the greatest efficiency and reduce the chances for repairs
  • Check your sump pump for the upcoming spring rains
  • Enter our contest on Facebook to win a $25 gas card

November 2013

Tax Credits Expiring
Upgrade That Old Bathroom
Holiday Memories
KPH Bucks
Flood Guard
Best Ever Potato Soup
The Program Continues