Propane vs Gas Grills: Which is Right for You?

In the world of grillmasters, there will always be room for debate. Which wood burns best, which is the finest cut for steaks, and even whether or not weather plays into your success at the barbecue. But if there’s one comparison the experts at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating has encountered more than any other, it’s the argument between propane and natural gas.

The experts at Kellermeier are about more than exceptional service; we’re about bringing you the absolute best in all regards. Sometimes this means a perfect air conditioner repair, or sometimes it’s installation for an air filtration system. But sometimes it’s simply providing answers to questions our patrons may have. So which is best, gas or propane?

Propane vs Natural Gas; The Rundown

While we’re hoping to shed some light on the debate, we unfortunately can’t really say with any certainty which cooking method is best. Why? Because the situation is largely up to preference. Overall, each method and fuel has it’s ups and downs. It’s mainly down to what you like best.

Propane Grills

Propane accounts for more than half of the grills currently in use in the United States. This grill type is generally considered the “easier” of the two types, primarily due to its mobility. Propane also tends to cook foods faster due to its higher BTU (British Thermal Unit) output. The biggest perks come from:

  • A propane-fuelled grill isn’t fixed in any one location, easily moved as you see fit, making this option great for travel. Also, while tanks need to be changed out, they can also be stockpiled in advance of a major grilling events.
  • Propane burns at roughly 2,500 BTUs per unit of fuel, a full 150% hotter than natural gas. Because of this, many grilling enthusiasts consider propane more effective. Having said this, however, many advocates of natural gas find that faster cook times can negatively impact cooking some dishes.

Natural Gas Grills

Directly linked to a gas line, natural gas grills offer a reliable, effective cooking method when at your home. Natural gas is often sought by those who grill very often, as they lack the need for external fuel sources. Many users of natural gas prefer them for:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Natural gas is many times cheaper than propane. In fact, it is nearly a fifth of the price per unit, depending on your location. This alone makes many homeowners lean toward natural gas.
  • While both substances are relatively volatile, natural gas is lighter than air, meaning if a leak occurs, the affronting gasses will dissipate much faster than the heavier propane.
  • A clean burn. Both fuel types qualify as a greenhouse gas, but natural gas has the lowest emissions rating of all man used gases, beating out propane, gasoline, and even coal. Many grill enthusiasts feel that this is noticeable during the cooking process, stating that the result is one you can taste.

Superior Grill Services in Ohio

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