Many homeowners do not spend much time thinking about their heating & cooling system—until something goes wrong! However, it is easier (and less painful) to be proactive in preventing and minimizing problems (and the need for repairs).

Heat pump maintenance is an essential part of being proactive. It is recommended to have heat pump maintenance twice annually—once before the summer and once before winter. The trained professionals at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating can prevent costly repairs down the road by thoroughly inspecting and maintaining your heat pump. A heat pump is a remarkable and efficient system, since it both heats & cools your home.

Help keep your heat pump running efficiently by contacting Kellermeier to perform maintenance twice a year! You can also dial (419) 823-9143 to speak to our heating maintenance experts.

We offer maintenance agreements on your heating & cooling system to give you peace of mind that your heat pump will work when you need it. When you sign up for a maintenance agreement, you also get 10 percent off repairs during the contract period!

The summers can be hot and the winters can be cold in northwest Ohio, so don’t neglect your heat pump before the weather changes! If cold weather or hot weather is approaching and you haven’t scheduled your heat pump maintenance, contact Kellermeier today!

Why Heat Pump Maintenance Is Essential

There’s a reason why it’s recommended to have a trained professional perform heat pump maintenance on your system twice a year. Specialized parts call for in-depth knowledge of how the heat pump works so their heat pump ducts, coils, filters, or electric connections are properly cleaned and maintained. Additionally, trying to perform detailed maintenance on most heat pump systems can pose a serious risk of electrical shock unless you’re a trained professional.

There are some DIY maintenance tasks you can perform throughout the heating & cooling seasons, these include:

  • Changing the air filters monthly
  • Cleaning the outdoor coils when they are visibly dirty
  • Removing foliage or debris from the outdoor unit

However, our technicians will inspect many other heat pump components that are essential for making sure you’re all set for the winter or summer ahead!

Our highly-trained technicians will ensure that your heat pump has adequate airflow. They will also inspect your heat pump’s ducts, filters, blower, refrigerant, motors, belts, and more! It’d be impossible to name all of the small things we’ve caught and adjusted early on that could have turned into BIG problems. With over 50 years of experience (Kellermeier has been in business since 1962!), we have seen a lot. We are committed to providing excellent service in Bowling Green and the surrounding Toledo areas.

A heat pump is an energy-efficient system, and twice-a-year maintenance is an important step in maintaining (get it?) the efficiency of your system.

Take the first step today by contacting us to schedule your maintenance appointment.

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It is best to have your heat pump maintenance performed both before or at the start of the winter season AND before or at the start of the summer season. In the winter, you don’t want to wait until the first cold night of the winter to turn on your heating system only to find out that your home is not getting warm! And in the summer, you don’t want that first scorching hot day to come around, only to find out that your heat pump is not properly cooling your home! Having maintenance performed can prevent such problems.

Again, we have over 50 years of experience serving our neighbors in Bowling Green, Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg, and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing affordable, efficient, and expert service to everyone we work with.

We don’t just provide heat pump maintenance services; we also perform heat pump repairs and installations. So, if any problem does come up with your heat pump, we’ll be able to take care of it! And if you have an old or malfunctioning system, we can take care of that by installing a new heat pump, too.

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Our Heat Pump Maintenance Service Area

While our main office is located in Haskins, OH, we can provide quality heat pump maintenance services all across Northwest Ohio, including Bowling Green, Maumee, Oregon, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Toledo, and West Toledo.