Your boiler can provide dependable, stout service for years, and more often than not, a homeowner doesn’t need to give its operation a second thought. But when something goes wrong, you need a service that is fast, accurate and second to none. Immediate repair is vital, not only for your comfort, but to ensure further damage doesn’t accrue, costing you even more in time and money both.

When you need a boiler repair service that can get your boiler back up and running even better than before, call on the experts at Kellermeier Plumbing and Heating! We strive to provide only the absolute best to our consumers, both in service and skill. We bring industry-leading technology and techniques to every job, to ensure the best results possible!

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How to Troubleshoot a Faulty Boiler

These might sound a little obvious, but you would be surprised how often we encounter them! Be sure to check for these before you call on a professional:

  • Is your system set to “on”?
  • Be sure the heating system is set to “heat”
  • Check your thermostat to ensure all settings are in the correct position
  • Be sure there is no obvious damage or obstruction on the exterior of your boiler system

If you’ve tried the above tasks while little success, our team is ready to assist. Contact our boiler repair team online or call us at (419) 823-9143!

Signs You Need to Schedule Boiler Repair

Quick repair keeps your home comfortable and stress free, and ensures further damage doesn’t occur to your boiler system. A boiler will let you know when something has gone wrong. It’s all about recognizing the signs, including:

  • Strange odors. An off smell is often one of your very first clues in knowing you need repairs. Many issues can cause this, from a damaged or clogged boiler filter to a leak. If you notice any odd smells during the operation of your system, it’s best to seek professional help immediately.
  • Diminished or inadequate heating. If your boiler simply fails to produce the heat you desire, regardless of your thermostat settings, it could indicate a few problems. Most commonly this is caused by the system overheating due to an accumulation of deposits in the system, or possibly a faulty or aged component.
  • Unusual noises. Strange sounds can mean a large number of issues, none of them good! This is one of the most often ignored boiler repair issues, but it’s also the most likely to cause further damage if left alone. Don’t ignore this sign!
  • Pooling or leaking water. A leak can be very serious and demands immediate attention.

Have you encountered any of these warning signs? If so, it’s time to call Kellermeier for expert boiler repair service in Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Toledo, or the surrounding areas—(419) 823-9143!

Quality Boiler Repair in Northwest Ohio

Never search “boiler repair near me” again! No matter your problem, big or small, the experts at Kellermeier are here to help! We bring excellence to every job, and we never quit until you’re fully satisfied. Call on our experts today to learn more about our boiler repair service, and how we’re the right choice as your local boiler repair company—(419) 823-9143!