What is a Zoned Heating & Cooling System and How Does it Work?

With heating and cooling technology moving just as fast as computer tech it’s easy to fall behind on the newest and most popular home comfort systems available. One that has been gaining tons of traction in the past decade is “zoned” HVAC. Unfamiliar? We’re not surprised! And we don’t want you to miss out, so the team at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating is happy to talk to you today about zoned heating and cooling.

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The Basics of Zoned Heating & Cooling

There are a few different applications and system types that create what we in the industry call “zoning”, but no matter which you choose the goals and results are much the same. In the simplest terms zoning aims to give a homeowner better control over temperatures all throughout the home.

These often utilize multiple thermostats interspersed into various rooms, each being controlled independently. Say you want your living room to be a crisp 68, but you prefer a warmer 70 or 71 in your room. Impossible with a standard home cooling system, but easily done with a zoned cooling system.

The Benefits of Zoned HVAC Systems

So what benefits can adding zoning capabilities to your home give you? A bunch, including:

  • Greater comfort control. Precise control over each and every part of the home is a great family pleaser, allowing each member of the household to set temperatures where they feel most comfortable.
  • Higher comfort levels. By homing in on your specific preferences, a zoned system can deliver its workload where it is needed most rather than just pushing out loads of cold air to fill the whole structure.
  • Increased energy-efficiency. When you don’t waste your cooling and heating system’s efforts, you pare down how much energy it needs to consume to get the job done. This can pay you back substantially in energy savings, even over a short period of time.

How Can I Get Zoned HVAC in My Ohio Home?

While many cooling systems can technically be retrofitted for zoning, in many cases the process can be sort of complex and expensive (and often it necessitates a new system in the end). However, there’s a high-class system that we highly recommend that comes with zoning built in: ductless heat pumps and split systems!

Ductless units utilize a single outdoor unit, much like you’re used to, except when it comes to the indoor unit instead of one central, massive unit you have anywhere from one to eight smaller wall or floor mounted indoor units. Each indoor unit houses its own air handler system, and the indoor units can be wired to any number of indoor thermostats, giving you the freedom to have as much zoning as you want.

This is a great way to get the benefits of zoning, the benefits of a modern ductless split system, and the perks that a new installation can bring all in one. On top of it all, a split system provides both cooling and heating, offering you an all in one home comfort solution that can serve you all year long.

Zoned HVAC Services in Ohio

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