Will a Gas Fireplace Help Me Save on Heating Costs?

There’s a lot to love about adding a gas fireplace to your home. The ambient glow, the bone-deep warmth, and the calm nights cuddled up in front of them—they’re all well-worth the installation! But can a gas fireplace be efficient enough to actually help you save money on your heating costs? We believe that it’s quite possible.

How Can a Gas Fireplace Help Me Keep Heating Costs Down?

You might be thinking about the fact that a gas unit still takes up fuel, so what’s the difference? Well, there are a few ways that a gas fireplace installation can help you save on costs, including the following.  

Providing Cost-Efficient Warmth in Off Months

In Ohio we commonly experience days (particularly during the fall) where it’s not quite cold, but its plenty chilly. It’s not very cost-efficient to kick on your furnace just to dispel a minor chill. But it is very efficient to rely on your gas fireplace for this purpose! Gas units take up a fairly small amount of energy, and far less than a gas furnace or boiler. So this way you get a nice cozy warm fire, and you get to keep money in the bank while you enjoy a low-cost alternative.

Zone Heating Helps in the Winter

Come the actual winter months, the gas fireplace will prove its value yet again. It has long since been proven that zone heating is one of the most efficient methods of keeping your home temperature controlled while keeping costs down. It’s why split systems have become so popular. And you can use your gas fireplace in much the same way.

With a gas fireplace installed in an area of the home you spend tons of time in, like your living room or bedroom, you can enjoy a solid and steady source of heat from the fireplace. This allows you to turn the HVAC system in your home down a few notches, saving you a considerable chunk of change over the course of the season. Remember that each degree a heating system has to be turned up accounts for an average 10% in energy or fuel it has to consume. Whereas in the case of a fireplace, it will only account for a fraction of energy to deliver similar warmth.

And remember, you can get a further boost in efficiency and comfort by turning your ceiling fans to run clockwise!

Choose Kellermeier for Gas Fireplace Installation in Toledo & Bowling Green, Ohio

So a simple fireplace installation nets you warmth, ambience, a great aesthetic addition to your home, and it can save you considerably when it comes to utility costs. A complete win across the board.

Are you interested in learning more about installing a gas fireplace in your home, or are you ready for a consultation? Contact the professionals at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating online now to get started! We’ve been serving our community in Ohio for over 50 years.