Best Ways to Clean a Grill

Whether cooking for a family gathering, or for a full-fledged party, absolutely nothing tops a grill! When summer’s in swing, you turn to your grill for an outdoor experience that leaves everyone smiling. But, all of that extensive use and good times can leave your grill looking pretty rough. Caked on char and greasy grates can mess up cook times, reduce the performance of your grill, and worst of all, it can leave your food with a funky taste!

At Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating, we’re all about top quality service and products, so to us, keeping your grill in top-shape is of prime importance. But cleaning your grill can be an outright chore, right? Well, not necessarily. With the right set of tips, you can be cooking clean in no time!

Grill Cleaning

The process can change a bit from grill to grill, but overall a grill cleaning should be fairly quick!

General Gas Grill Cleaning

  • Always clean your grill after every cooking session. Keeping up with your cleaning habits makes things much simpler, and keeps you from ending up with hunks of stubborn char and oil.
  • Keep your grill covered when not in use. Wind and rain can promote rust and kick dust into your grill that has no place being there!
  • Use a wire brush to scratch off hunks of char and stuck bits of food. This keeps them from becoming lodged into important places, like your burners.
  • Occasionally do a “burn off” by running your grill on high heat for ten to fifteen minutes. This helps minimize buildup around the burners, and can clear out debris that may have been caught in your grill.
  • Don’t neglect the exterior of your grill. Give it a good wipe down on every use, just like the inside. Just be sure it has cooled off first!

Deep Cleaning

Depending on how frequently you use your grill, you should give it a really solid cleaning every one to three months.

  • Start in with your wire brush and give your grill a very thorough scratch-off. Spend around five to ten doing this; be sure you’re thorough!
  • For a gas grill, clean off the burner protectors with a rough sponge. Protectors are easily removed from your grill , and you can haul them off to the kitchen sink, or just use a bucket of soapy water.
  • Cover the lower portion and the elements/burners of your grill with discarded cloth, or a bit of kitchen foil and scrub the carbon buildup from the underside of the hood.
  • If your grill uses a drip pan, be sure to clear and empty it. Keep in mind that you should never just dump used oil and drippings in the trash! Pour the remains into a used coffee tin, or an empty milk jug before tossing it.
  • Once all of your scratching and scrubbing is done, discard all of the built up char and debris that has fallen into the bottom of your grill. The bottom should actually feature a removable tray, making this step very simple. And while it’s out, clean the tray too.

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