Why Won’t My AC Turn On?

Absolutely no homeowner likes to deal with air conditioner repair. You depend on your system to provide the comfort and quality cooling you need to beat back those sweltering Ohio summers, and when deprived, it can be a massive source of stress. But what’s even worse than air conditioner issues? When it refuses to even turn on, or engage!

At Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating, we take pride in our ability to provide the highest quality cooling solutions in the Northwest Ohio area. Knowing when to call in the professionals for air conditioner repair is key to ensuring you have the cooling you depend on and being able to identify reasons for ac failure can help you know when the time is right.

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Common Causes for Air Conditioner Failure

Before we dive in, check your system to ensure it is set to both “on” and “cool”. It might sound silly, but many homeowners simply forget to change the settings from winter to summer. It’s also possible that the controls were bumped or tampered with without your knowing. We mention this because we’ve seen it happen, and the last thing you want is to call in for professional repair only to find there wasn’t actually an issue at all!

Everything as it should be? Alright, then we can check:

  • Blocked air flow. Take a moment to check your filter. A dirty filter can restrict air flow, preventing your system from operating properly, and can even potentially stop it from kicking on at all. There are other forms of air flow blockage, such as within ducts, or an issue with internal components, but these definitely require professional repair.
  • Check the electrical panel. Is the breaker for your cooling system flipped to off? If so, flip it back to on and see if that remedies your issue. If it kicks off again, and the breaker is flipped once more, call in a professional! At this point it’s an electrical issue, either with wiring, components, or the panel itself. This is not the time to DIY, as electrical components can be extremely dangerous, and you risk doing permanent damage to your system.
  • System or component freezing. There are numerous causes for an air conditioner to freeze up. And we do mean literally. Poor air flow, low refrigerant levels (a leak), and even a damaged blower motor can all result in freezes. If you spot ice or moisture on your system, it’s time for professional repair.
  • Condensate blockage. As a secondary function, your air conditioner system acts as a low-grade dehumidifier. The moisture it collects is normally evacuated by way of the condensate drain; usually a hose or pipe that goes outside or to a drain in the basement. When blocked, moisture will back up in your system, and a failsafe will trigger that prevents your system from operating to avoid permanent water damage.

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