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When the heat rolls in here in northwest Ohio, you need an air conditioning system that can supply your home with high-quality, dependable comfort. If your current HVAC system can’t live up to your needs, AC replacement is your best bet for beating what our sultry summer has in store. To ensure you get the service you deserve, Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating provides the best replacements in our area!

Never ask “Where can I find an AC replacement company near me?” again! Kellermeier has been bringing our patrons the highest quality AC services in Bowling Green for over 50 years. Our success is attributed largely to the skill and expertise of our certified HVAC specialists and our dedication to providing you with the absolute best.

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Learn More About Our Air Conditioner Replacement Services

The day your new HVAC unit is installed is one of the most important days in its lifetime. When it comes to how long your system will last, besides regular maintenance, nothing is more important than the quality of your replacement and installation. Our specialists can accurately size and install your new air conditioner system to ensure optimal performance, bringing you high-quality temperature control year-round!

We provide our consumers with a free estimate, and we will always begin our service with an in-home consultation. Providing for your needs as perfectly as possible is always our primary goal, and to do that, we want to be positive that we understand your unique needs fully. After the installation, we even check the entire system once more to be positive that you’ve gotten the highest quality work we can possibly give!

When Is AC Replacement Necessary?

On many occasions, a simple professional AC repair might be just what you need to restore comfort in your home. But very often, replacement is simply the better choice. Knowing when to seek a replacement can save you lots of stress and money:

  • Your current system isn’t meeting your needs. If you’re not getting the cooling you want, you need to replace; simple as that. No amount of repair or finagling is going to make miracles happen, and you deserve to be comfortable in your own home!
  • Your energy expenses are too high. If your cooling costs are climbing higher by the month, a new air conditioning installation can save you quite a bit. Newer systems are demonstrably more efficient and effective than older models with better SEER raitings. Generally, they will cost you much less to operate.
  • You frequently experience “warm spots.” Weak air flow or warm air coming from your system signifies that it has encountered considerable damage or wear. Occasionally a repair might suit your needs, but many causes of this issue necessitate a replacement.
  • You need repairs too often. Needing a repair every few years isn’t particularly uncommon (though many of these can be avoided with adequate maintenance), but if you need repairs annually or bi-annually, replacement will save you much more both financially and mentally.
  • Your system is 10 years old or older. Roughly a decade of faithful service is the average lifetime for most heating and cooling systems. Beyond this point, they’ll need repair more frequently and will begin to lose efficiency rapidly.

Call Kellermeier for AC Replacement in Northwest Ohio

For superior design, installation, and setup, count on the knowledgeable team at Kellermeier to provide the replacement service you need! We’ve been wholly dedicated to perfect service since we opened our doors five decades ago, and for us, that dedication has never wavered or changed. We guarantee your complete satisfaction! For the replacement you deserve, contact Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating today at 419-823-9143.

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