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A dependable air conditioning system is nearly a requirement in the middle of an oppressive Ohio summer. But what do you do when you’re suddenly deprived of the cool comfort you’ve come to know and expect? Finding a trustworthy AC repair service in the Bowling Green area can be a real source of stress and can leave you feeling as baffled as you are overheated!

For high-quality, dependable air conditioning repair, look no further than the certified HVAC specialists at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating. We’ve been providing superior quality air conditioner services for over fifty years, and our customers are never left without the cooling they need.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air?

Most people try to diagnose their air conditioner malfunctions themselves before they call for AC repair. That’s no problem, just be careful because you do not want to cause any more damage if your air conditioner is on the fritz. Our experts provide a few things to test out on your own before having to call the professionals.

If the AC doesn’t cool, check the outdoor unit to make sure there isn’t anything blocking the vent such as yard debris—remove it and hose down the unit if necessary. You should also cut foliage and shrubbery back at least 18 inches from the unit to promote proper airflow.

  • If your AC won’t turn on, first make sure the thermostat is set correctly and then check to see if the breaker box has any tripped breakers.
  • If the AC turns on and off frequently, vacuum the evaporator coil with a soft brush attachment.
  • If you have not changed your filter recently, it could be blocking air from moving freely through your vents.

Common Signs That You Need AC Repair

Generally speaking, your air conditioner is fairly vocal about letting you know when something has gone wrong. Through various signs, both audible and visual, you can get the hint that it’s time to seek professional AC repair in the Bowling Green area. Keep an eye (and ear!) out for these signs:

  • Your cooling is weak or air flow is poor. First off, be sure to check your filter. The problem may be as simple as changing it out if it’s dirty. If not, there’s likely a problem with the internal components, or possibly a duct blockage. Either way, this is one for the professionals.
  • There is standing water around your system. Your air conditioner, as an auxiliary function, dehumidifies your home. When operating properly, this moisture is collected and drained by way of the drainage system. But if this becomes blocked or damaged, there could be standing water around your system.
  • Your unit is freezing, or has ceased working. It may be due to a refrigerant leak, or perhaps compressor problems, but if your system is producing frost or ice, you need professional AC repair.
  • Your system is “short cycling.” Is your system “kicking” on and off sporadically, seemingly unrelated to the actual temperature of your home? It could be a thermostat issue, or your system may have been improperly installed.
  • Your system is making odd sounds. Odd sounds, such as a clank, bang, or squeal are all potentially very dangerous to your system. They are most commonly related to loose or damaged components. If these are left alone for too long, they could seriously compromise your system!
  • There are strange smells coming from your vents. Heavy, musty odors are common to air conditioners that have seen too little maintenance. Dust and debris collect in the internal parts, and can eventually create a fire hazard.

The most important thing to know about air conditioner repair is that time is absolutely critical. If you need repair, getting fast, effective service is the best way to ensure your problems don’t begin compounding. Have you spotted one of these problems, or have you noticed other strange behaviors from your system? If so, call in the professionals right away.

24-Hour, Emergency Air Conditioning Service

When you need AC repairs in the Toledo area, you want to make sure the repairs are done right the first time. The last thing you want to do is have to call the air conditioner technician back again because they made a mistake. At Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating, our air conditioner repair technicians take great pride in their air conditioner repair work, meaning you’ll get quality service that you can count on for the rest of the season! When you call Kellermeier for emergency air conditioning repair, you get:

  • 24/7 AC service
  • Prompt and friendly customer service
  • Up-front, no-haggle pricing
  • Explanations and options when it comes to AC repairs and replacement
  • Certified and trusted air conditioning technicians
  • Residential and commercial emergency services for all makes and models of air conditioning units

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