When summer rolls around in Ohio, many only think about the coming heat and all of the frustrations and discomfort to come. But if you’re like the team at Kellermeier and prefer to look at the bright side, you realize it’s grilling season! Getting the perfect gas grill for your home can provide one of the greatest tools for entertainment and family enjoyment around, and our experts are proud to provide the best installation services in our area.

Kellermeier has been offering superior service and quality for over fifty years, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon! When you need a grill installed for your Northwest Ohio home, you need the services of experts that can guarantee quality and dependability from your grilling system for years to come. And when you choose Kellermeier, dependability and quality are essentially guaranteed!

Looking for natural gas grill installation service for your home? Contact us online today to learn about our professional services. You can also call us now at 419-823-9143 to schedule an appointment today!

Our Selection of Gas Grills

We offer a full line of MHP®, ProFire®, and Phoenix high-quality gas grills with options and types that are sure to suit your needs, large or small. A grill provided by our team is custom-built to meet your unique needs, offering all of the accessories and accoutrements needed to perform even the most demanding of grill activities.

A multitude of factors come into play when choosing your ideal grill, and often homeowners are at a loss for how to find the best options. At Kellermeier, you can work with our team of grill experts to build your dream grill, choosing:

  • Your ideal price. Grill pricing, of course, varies wildly according to the various other factors. Working with our team, you can set your price, and we can work with you to procure the best grill that meets your fiscal specification.
  • The size of your grill. Will your grill be serving a family? Just yourself? Large parties? The cooking surface of a grill should directly reflect the amount of use it will be seeing, and knowing this will help our team in ensuring you’re never without adequate space for your favorite cut of meat.
  • Where you would like your grill installed. Gas grills (specifically natural gas), once mounted, must remain stationary. Because of this, the placement of your grill is critical to your purchase. We want you to be happy with your grill for years to come, so knowing if the patio is best, or somewhere in the yard, is crucial to the installation process.
  • What accessories suit your needs. Griddles, side burners, warmers; we want to be sure you’re fully equipped to whip up all of your favorite grill meals.

Why Trust a Professional for Natural Gas Line Plumbing?

When you install a new gas grill, it’s a good idea to trust a professional plumber to install or extend your gas line, as gas leaks can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. At Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating, our gas line plumbing team is certified, licensed, and can meet your every need. Our Northwest Ohio plumbing specialists provide you with results that are affordable, on time, and always to your unique and exact needs. When you’re looking for plumbing specialists you can trust, Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating will bring the service and quality that you deserve.

Gas Grill Installation in Northwest Ohio with Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating

With our experts, your installation is guaranteed to be the best fit possible. You’ll be the cooking king or queen of your social circle in no time, and your grill will provide everything you need for years to come!

Never ask “Where can I find professional gas grill installers near me?” again! For superior service and quality in the Bowling Green and Toledo, OH area, choose Kellermeier today!