There’s simply nothing in the world that compares to coming home in the middle of a cold winter to the bone-depth warmth that a fireplace provides. Wood fireplaces offer homeowners a unique advantage in heating, allowing for auxiliary heating options as well as versatility. Are you considering a wood burning fireplace installation for your home? The team at Kellermeier can bring you top-class fireplace installation and fireplace service in Northwestern Ohio!

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Benefits of a Wood Burning Fireplace Installation

A fireplace can add a lot more than just great ambiance. Homeowners that use fireplaces enjoy considerable versatility, superior comfort, as well as other perks like:

  • Cost-effective heating. Fuel for your fireplace is very cost-effective, even if you purchase from a  supplier. And even that cost is optional, as a quick trip to the woods can provide loads of free heat!
  • An emergency heating solution. A wood fireplace doesn’t need any form of electricity to operate. This means during an outage, or if your furnace goes on the fritz you’ve got a quick and easy solution to keep you warm while you wait for a return to normalcy.
  • Green heating solutions. Burning cured wood produces next to zero emissions, making a fireplace a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Worried that you might want to convert to gas in the future? Don’t stress! If you find that you want to change over, we can offer complete wood to gas conversion services at your convenience!

Fireplace Repair and Maintenance Services

Fireplaces are an excellent heating and comfort option, but they require some measure of maintenance to ensure optimal performance and to keep your home free of sooty ash and foul creosote. Our experts can provide fireplace repairs and maintenance with no problem, ensuring you get to just sit back and bask in the glorious warmth of wood burning!

How Do I Know I Need Fireplace Repair?

There are some clear signs that you might need wood burning fireplace repair, including:

  • Efflorescence. The presence of a white, sooty discoloration on your chimney is called efflorescence and is a clear indication that your masonry is getting too much exposure to moisture.
  • Chips and chunks. Little bits of chimney tile collecting in your fireplace? If so, your flue has taken some damag or is beginning to wear. Seek repair now to save yourself some long term stress!
  • Signs of moisture intrusion. Discoloration on the walls near your fireplace can be a good sign that your chimney has become compromised, leading to the need for repair service.
  • Rust. Rust and corrosion should never happen with a well-maintained furnace. So if it does happen, you know you need to call in the experts at Kellermeier.

Wood Burning Fireplace Service with Kellermeier

Our experts offer leading service and dependable quality for all of your wood fireplace needs! We’ve been the name to trust in Ohio for home services for years, and when you choose our team, you can rest assured that you’re getting only the absolute best. Contact our experts today to learn more about our fireplace services, or to set your appointment for an installation consultation—419-823-9143!