Why Is My Furnace Making Weird Noises?

Home heating systems don’t typically quit working without warning so, if your furnace is making weird noises it is a sign that the end could be near. Cycling on and off frequently, making grinding noises, clicking, hissing, and other unusual sounds are all symptoms of a furnace that’s not working as it should.  At the first sign or sound of something out-of-the-ordinary with your home heating system, it is best to contact the professionals. Keep reading to learn why your furnace may be making weird noises.

Unusual Furnace Sounds

Noises are part of any appliance’s operation, but sounds that are unusual, or unusually loud can be cause for concern.  Here is a list of common noises that signal potential problems with your furnace:

If your furnace makes a loud banging sound when engaging, you could have an ignition malfunction.  In gas furnaces, a faulty ignition can cause a banging sound as too much gas is forced at one time.  You will need to contact Kellermeier for a solution to the loud banging coming from your furnace.  Natural gas is not something for the DIY homeowner. Having anyone other than a professional HVAC technician can pose a danger to you and your family.

A whistling sound coming from your home heating system can have a few different causes. You may have a dirty or clogged filter. Replacing your filter once every few months ensures the air in your home is clean, and you’re not putting undue strain on your furnace components.  A loud whistle could also mean a break in your ductwork, or improperly sized ducts.  Contact Kellermeier to inspect and repair your faulty ductwork.

A rattling furnace isn’t just annoying, but could indicate possible problems with your system’s components, broken fan blade, missing screws, or loose ductwork. Your furnace;s components can wear out and make squealing sounds, as with a belt. Improper or damaged ductwork can cause squeaking and worn bearings can be the source of screeching.

Furnace Repair in Bowling Green, Toledo, & Perrysburg

For a furnace that isn’t doing its best to keep you and your family comfortable, it’s time to contact Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating, Northwest Ohio’s most trusted furnace repair and service technicians.  A call to Kellermeier will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your furnace will keep you and your family warm and toasty through the coldest part of winter in Ohio. Call us today at 419-823-9143!