Signs You Need AC Repair Service

Are you getting the most from your AC unit?  If you are running a faulty or broken air conditioner this summer, you could be throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain—or worse you could be left with an air conditioner that doesn’t work at all.  In an effort to avoid having to call for emergency HVAC repair service, here are a things to look for when your AC isn’t running to its full potential.

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Excessive Noise – AC units are designed to run as quietly and efficiently as possible. If you notice your AC unit making more noise than usual it is a good idea to have it checked out by an HVAC professional. Unusual noises are often associated with loose parts or motors that have gone bad.

Not Cooling – The most obvious of signs, if you notice your AC unit is blowing warmer than usual you may want to contact the experts at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating.

Limited Airflow – If the air blowing through your AC unit feels weak the fan may need replacing. If it is not the fan, you may need to have your ductwork cleaned to clear it from any blockages.

Unusual Odors – If you notice an unusual smell coming from your AC unit mold could be growing inside the air ducts. Other unusual smells could be from the AC insulation being overheated.

Thermostat Problems – Sometimes the problem doesn’t have anything to do with the AC unit at all but with the thermostat that controls it. If you notice that one part of your house is cooler than another, it could mean that your thermostat is malfunctioning.

Moisture – Moisture or leakage around your AC unit can be signs of a problem. If there is water build up around the drainage tube, the tube could be either broken or blocked.

AC Repair Services in Bowling Green, Findlay & Perrysburg Areas

Most AC repairs are fairly simple; however, homeowners often avoid calling the professionals in fear that the bill will be outrageously high. If your air conditioning unit is rather new it may be covered under warranty. If not, it is better to fix a small problem rather than wait for it to become a larger, more expensive problem, like your AC unit not working at all on the hottest day of the year.

If you are constantly having small AC repairs, it may be a good idea to look into replacing your existing AC unit altogether. The average air conditioning unit lasts 10 to 15 years, so if it is nearing that milestone you should consider replacing your air conditioner with a more energy-efficient one.

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