How Old Is Your Sump Pump?

We live in what was known as the Black Swamp. Well over 100 years ago, our forefathers started draining it to provide some of the richest farm ground in North America, but the water table remains high most of the time. With homes that have basements, it is necessary to have a sump pump to keep the basement dry. Since Spring rains will be coming soon we will rely heavily on our sump pumps.

When was the last time your sump pump was replaced or checked? We recommend replacing a sump pump when it is 10 years old or older. If your sump pump runs quite often, you may consider replacing it more often. Another option is our exclusive “Flood Guard” alternating sump pump system. With Flood Guard two sump pumps are installed in your sump pit. Every time the water level rises, the opposite pump is energized to pump the water out. If the primary pump fails or cannot handle the load, the second pump will automatically start protecting your home. When the second pump starts, it also sounds a very loud alarm to alert you that there is a problem. We developed this system more than 20 years ago and now have a solid state control panel.

Another option if you have city water, is a water powered back up sump pump. This option provides a pump that needs no electricity and is designed strictly for an emergency situation such as a power outage or failed primary pump. These pumps will not pump as much water as a conventional sump pump, but normally will handle the load when necessary.

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