Five Signs Your Heating System May Need Repair

Modern heating systems are designed to be extremely reliable, long lasting, and highly efficient. Still, damage can occur for a variety of reasons. Diagnosing a problem in a heating system, however, is not always that easy. With that in mind, the experts at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating report five of the most common warning signs to look for when your heating system may need repair–keep reading to learn more!

Is your unit blowing cool air? The most obvious sign of a broken heating system is the lack of any heated air being delivered to the living or office space. There are several reasons that this situation could arise. Chief among them is a failure in the core operating unit. Anything from a faulty or loose mechanical belt through poorly cleaned ignition jets to clogged filters can affect the efficiency of a heating system.

Does your system cycle on and off frequently? When this situation arises, for one reason or another, the heated air is not arriving at the thermostat. Then when the temperature drops even a little, the thermostat prompts the system to send more heat. The issue could be a faulty thermostat but is more likely a kink in the ductwork or a malfunctioning furnace.

Is your system making unusual noises? Modern HVAC units are intricately designed and well-constructed wonders of modern technology. They should operate with a minimum of fuss and noise. Ductwork will occasionally ping as the metal expands and contracts but these sounds are normal. More unusual—and generally indicative of a problem—ar any squeaks, squeals, or pings coming from around the core unit itself. The only noise you should hear there is the sound of the burning fuel.

Have your utility bills suddenly increased? Obviously, a homeowner will have to take the changing seasons into account but a dramatic increase in the monthly heating bill from one season to the next usually means an inefficiently functioning furnace. It takes an experienced technician to diagnose this problem accurately and then fix it. If you live in the Northwest Ohio area including Haskins, Findlay, and Perrysburg, contact the experts at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating for furnace inspections and repairs!

Do your family members suffer from frequent headaches? By far, the most dangerous malfunction in a home heating system is when carbon monoxide is being introduced into the living space. This odorless and invisible gas is quite deadly. Modern HVAC units are designed to safely vent the gas to the outside but ductwork does occasionally leak after years of use. If members of your household are experiencing frequent headaches, leave the house immediately and go to emergency room or call 911. We can help fix the carbon monoxide leak after the fact, but your health is the most important factor here.

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Your residential or commercial heating unit should give a decade—or two— of reliable, efficient service! Regular maintenance is needed, however, to achieve this goal. It will safeguard your equipment your home, and your family. For more information on the specific signs that your heating system may need repair, contact Kellermeier today by giving us a call at 419-823-9143!