Don’t Be Caught With Wet Feet

Every January and February we replace more water heaters than any other time throughout the year. Most are on city water where the water temperature is extremely cold in the winter months.  This colder water causes the water heater to contract and expand at a greater rate than during warmer weather thus causing older tanks to leak. Most of these tanks are 10+ years old and have deteriorated to the point they cannot handle the greater stress. While we do appreciate the business we do not like to see our customers in a stressful situation of finding a leaking water heater. It always seems to happen at an inopportune time.  In the morning when you are getting ready for work or when you are getting ready to go out for the evening, let’s face it there is never a good time for a leaking water heater. If your water heater is 10+ years old please consider replacing it before you too fall victim to a leaking water heater. By changing it when you are ready instead of it being an emergency you can take your time and consider the options available and make a wise and informed decision. Today we have standard water heaters, basically the same as they have been for years, and the tankless waters that have become extremely popular over the past several years.