Most people do not understand the significance of annual air conditioner maintenance. Like your car, your HVAC system needs to be maintained properly—both your furnace and your AC unit. The experts at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating recommend that you schedule tune-ups and maintenance services for your cooling system at least once a year.

Never ask “Where can I find a preventative maintenance AC company near me?” again! To schedule an appointment for AC maintenance contact us online or give us a call at 419-823-9143.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

When you don’t take advantage of AC maintenance, you could be losing out on these great benefits:

Home comfort: When your air conditioner is operating at its best you benefit from the coolest air. You can only expect a high level of performance year after year when you perform regular AC maintenance.

Savings: You can save money and energy when you have a properly functioning AC unit. Electricity rates continue to climb, and if your system is not running efficiently you could be throwing money down the drain. Lubricating moving parts, recharging refrigerant and cleaning your AC coils are just a few things that will help with the overall function of your AC system.

Longer system lifespan: You change your car’s oil every couple thousand miles so your engine performs its best, you should expect the same for your air conditioner. Your AC system will last many more seasons when you take care of it properly.

Cleaner indoor air: When you perform AC maintenance you should always replace your air filter and clean the equipment. This will provide better and cleaner breathing air for your family and friends.

Problem prevention: When you need your AC repaired, the problems that are usually occurring happen over time. Maintenance gives you the chance to catch small problems early on to prevent them from turning into larger, more expensive repairs.

What’s Included in a Typical Air Conditioner Inspection & Tune-Up?

When you get annual air conditioner maintenance, your service technician will usually:

  • Change the air filer
  • Clean the condensate drain and tray
  • Clean the air handler and system fans
  • Inspect the air plenum for leaks and loose duct connections
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coil
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • And more!

Sign Up for Energy Saving Agreements

In northwest Ohio, on average, our heating system runs 6,500 hours and our cooling system runs 750 hours per year. Over this time, there is a tremendous amount of burden being put on the system. If you live in the Bowling Green, Perrysburg, Toledo, or surrounding areas in northwest Ohio, you have the opportunity to sign up for an exclusive energy savings agreement! When you sign up for a maintenance plan you will get:

  • 24-hour emergency service without overtime charges
  • 10% discount on any repairs

Schedule AC Maintenance Today!

To enjoy each of these benefits, make sure you schedule air conditioner maintenance once a year. For even more benefits, such as 24-hour emergency service with no overtime charges and 10% off repairs, sign up for an Energy Savings AgreementContact us today at 419-823-9143 to learn more.