Benefits of Installing a Humidifier in Your Ohio Home

The air quality in your home plays a critical role in both your comfort and health. But when we say “air quality”, we aren’t just referring to allergens, or pollen count. Humidity also plays a prime role in air quality! Too much humidity, and you can find your home uncomfortable, and your furnishings, paint and other home fixtures will suffer as well. But, did you know that too little humidity can be just as detrimental? In fact, it can be more so.

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The Role Of Humidity In Your Home

When you think of humidity, do you think of hot, sticky days in the sun? Most people do, and yes, those can certainly be miserable here in Ohio! But, too little humidity (Common specifically to air conditioned homes, and cold winter months) is the cause of an increase in allergies, dry or skin, and can even induce nosebleeds! The same goes for inside your home. It’s all about maintaining the optimal balance.

So what is the optimal balance? Experts say to shoot for roughly between thirty to fifty percent humidity. Keep reading to learn the benefits of installation a humidifier in your home.

The Benefits of a Home Humidifier

So what do you do when the humidity level in your home is too low? Contact our experts for a humidifier installation! With our home humidifiers, you’ll get:

  • Healthier skin. Low humidity levels can dry out your skin, triggering nosebleeds, cracked skin and lips, and can reduce your body’s ability to heal.
  • Healthier immunity. When recovering from asthma problems, infections and colds, keeping your nasal passages moist is extremely important. Low humidity levels can increase the amount of time it takes your body to recover.
  • Reduced static electricity. Static shock can be hugely annoying, and cool, dry air drastically  increases the amount of times we encounter it within the home. Humidity can reduce static buildup on your person, furniture and carpets!
  • A healthier home. Many parts of your home respond poorly to low humidity. Wood furniture and floors can dry out and crack, paint can crack and peel, and even your houseplants might suffer from poorly controlled humidity!
  • Increased winter energy efficiency. Air with proper humidity levels naturally feels warmer, reducing the amount of heat you need to pump into your home.

Install a Humidifier in Perrysburg, Findlay, or Bowling Green, Ohio

Our humidifier installations services can ensure you get the comfort you both need and deserve. If you’re interested in a home humidifier for your home in in Perrysburg, Findlay, Bowling Green, or surrounding areas in northwest Ohio, contact Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating today!