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National Fireplace Month

It’s October, which means it’s National Fireplace Month! This year, the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) is emphasizing the beauty and elegance of hearth products in a “whole new way.” With their new campaign, Home is Where the Hearth is, the HPBA is highlighting the importance of having a fireplace in any part of the home and creating long-lasting memories with loved ones.

With the HPBA’s new press release during National Fireplace Month, you’re invited to think beyond the living room for your next fireplace. As the CEO of HPBA, Jack Goldman, stated, “The hearth is the home’s heartbeat, the connection point for all who live there. For centuries, when you think of hearths, you envision living rooms and dens, but our lifestyles have changed. Where we congregate and how we spend our time has evolved. Combine those changes with home builders and remodelers’ creativity, and you can now consider a fireplace for nearly any room.”

It’s time to consider new places for a fireplace in your Northwestern Ohio home. For fireplace services in the Toledo and Bowling Green, Ohio areas, contact Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating today! Just give our team a call at (419) 823-9143 or contact us online.

New Places to Consider for Fireplaces

Here are six new places to consider for a fireplace in your Northwestern Ohio home:

  1. Bedrooms: Make your bedroom even cozier and consider giving it a cabin-like feel with a gas fireplace or even a stove.
  2. Kitchen: Steep your morning tea and read the news at your breakfast nook warmed by an assuring, alluring flame.
  3. Office/study: Want to fire up your best thinking? A sleek electric fireplace beside your home desk can be your best collaborator.
  4. TV room: Fireplaces are the new flat screens. As more consumers cut the cable cords, hearth manufacturers are boldly reclaiming their rightful place as the TV room’s focal point, offering thin, long, horizontal gas fireplaces for installing in the center of the wall.
  5. Bathrooms: An evening soak in warm suds can be made even more relaxing and intimate with a remote-control fireplace
  6. Your outside wall: Want to make your home even more open? An indoor/outdoor fireplace connecting your favorite indoor room to your backyard patio truly opens up the home.

This National Fireplace Month, consider installing fireplaces in these new places in your home. Trust our team at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating – “the company you can be comfortable with.” Contact us online or call us at (419) 823-9143 for more information on fireplace services in the Toledo and Bowling Green, Ohio areas!