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When Do I Need to Call a Plumber?

So you’ve noticed you have a plumbing problem. Now you’re faced with an important question: do you let the problem sit for a bit and hold off on calling an expert, or do you go ahead and call your trusted plumber? You never want to waste money, of course, but if the problem is bad enough then leaving it to fester is only going to make things worse.

So how do you decide and know “when do I need to call a plumber?” If you’re experiencing one of the situations described below, it’s time to call a plumber.

Plumbing Issues That Require Professional Service

Before we get to the list, it’s very important to tell you that you should call a plumber any time that you don’t know what the problem is. Standing water with no cause, odd noises in the walls, or just something that makes you nervous—call a plumber. If you can’t identify a cause, the problem could be dangerous or costly to ignore!

Otherwise, we would recommend a plumbing professional for these common issues:

  • Consistent clogs. A one-off clog that you can handle with a plunger? A professional is unnecessary here, of course. But if you start encountering a clog in the same place, or even simultaneous clogs, then you need to call a professional ASAP. The problem could lie with a clogged sewer line, or it could be that you need some drain cleaning.
  • Low water pressure. If you’re dealing with low water pressure, first call your water supply or the city supply. If it’s an issue on their end, they’ll be able to tell you. But if it’s just your home you are likely dealing with blockage or a pipe leak.
  • And kind of leak. And on the subject of leaks, any leak at all should be a professional repair job. Leaks are not just inconvenient. They also open up your home to the possibility of extensive water damage and mold infestations, both of which can cost you tons in damages.
  • A lack of hot water. If you get water from the cold tap, but none from the hot, then you obviously have a hot water heater problem on your hands. This will almost certainly need a professional’s tools and knowledge to get figured out.
  • Sewer odors. The smell of sewage is obvious, but some of its effects might be a little harder to detect. Watch out for puddles of foul standing water on your lawn, mold issues in the home or the basement, and for sudden pest infestations. If any combination of these happen, call your plumbing contractor to inspect the drain line.

Keep Up with Plumbing Maintenance to Avoid Costly Repairs

To ensure the best chances of avoding any of the problems detailed above, you need to keep up with plumbing maintenance. Just like a car or your HVAC system, the plumbing works hard to meet your needs day in and day out. Maintenance services like leak detection and drain cleaning can handle problems early, avoiding an emergency plumbing situation or high repair bill.

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