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Should I Install a Wood or Gas Fireplace?

Modern heating systems are excellent and can generally provide all of the heating you could want. But for genuinely soul-warming heat, gorgeous appeal, and sheer comfort, there’s nothing quite like a fireplace installation in your Toledo home. Fireplaces have risen once more into popularity in recent years, both as a primary heating source, and as an auxiliary option to existing heating.

But if you’re in the market for a new fireplace, you might have noticed something. You have options. Rustic wood-burning fireplaces or gas fireplaces; which is better? It’s an oft-debated question, and one that in truth has more than one answer. But don’t worry. The experts at Kellermeier Plumbing & heating are here to help, so you never have to make the decision alone!

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Wood vs Gas: The Advantages

Both fireplaces have great perks, and either one would make an excellent addition to any Toledo, Ohio home. Let’s go over the upsides first, starting with a gas log fireplace.

Gas log fireplaces benefit from a very easy to use system. They provide fast access to heat at the touch of a button or flip of a switch. They’re also the more efficient option if you plan to use your fireplace as an integral source of heat, as they tend to keep heat in your home better. And finally, a gas fireplace just needs less maintenance overall.

Wood log fireplaces are known for their excellent appeal. There’s just nothing quite like a crackling log and that alluring smell of woodsmoke. If your looking to increase home value or are a fan of romance, wood is the way to go. Wood is also exceptionally cost effective, whether you’re buying firewood from a supplier or you want to go gather it on your own.

And Now the Downsides

Just as both offer some unique advantages, both have downsides as well.

Gas fireplace installation tends to be a good bit more costly as an initial investment, often running a homeowner a bit more in the purchase. They also are slightly more costly as far as fuel is concerned, though many homeowners feel that this is recouped in the savings on time, since a wood fireplace takes a bit of a time investment to get going.

A wood burning fireplace installation can mean some serious maintenance. Chimneys must be cleaned routinely both to improve function and to remove buildup of creosote. Wood fireplaces also take longer to get going, meaning they should only really ever serve as an auxiliary source of heat.

Choosing Your Fireplace in Toledo with Kellermeier

So which fireplace suits your needs best? Do you want the ease of access and reliable heating of a gas fireplace, or do you prefer the sheer aesthetic and low cost of fuel that a wood fireplace provides? Contact us today to learn more, or to set a date for your fireplace consultation!