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Is a Furnace Tune-Up Worth It?

How often should you have a furnace inspection? Or do you even need one at all? If you find yourself asking these questions, you’re not alone. Whether or not an annual inspection and tune-up is really necessary might be one of our most often encountered questions. And if you’re looking for definitive answers, you’ve come to the right place.

Kellermeier Heating & Plumbing has been proudly serving Toledo area homeowners for over 50 years. Our team has the experience and knowledge needed to ensure you not only get heating service, but the right heating service to meet your comfort needs. If you want to know all about the importance of an annual furnace tune-up, this is the post for you.

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Can I Avoid Furnace Inspection and Maintenance?

In a literal sense, you certainly can. But you can compare doing so to avoiding an oil change for your car, or avoiding replacing a burnt out light bulb. You don’t have to do those things. But without doing them, your car and lights are going to be a lot less useful. Your heating system is very similar.

Routine maintenance services ensure your heating system gets all of the care and service it needs, including cleaning, parts checks, component care, among other services that serve to optimize your heating system, maintaining its efficiency and allowing you to avoid costly repair services.

Similarly, a furnace tune-up optimizes your system to last much longer and work more effectively in your home. A solid, professional tune-up service can add years to your heating system, and drastically improve your energy efficiency.

So essentially, can you avoid it? Sure. Should you? Absolutely not.

Why Are Annual Furnace Inspections So Important?

In brief, maintenance and tune-up services provide:

  • Drastically improved energy-efficiency. A well-maintained system works better, and can complete its task faster and more effectively, meaning you get more comfort for less cost. An easy win-win.
  • Less repairs. Any HVAC professional will tell you that the overwhelming majority of the furnace repairs they perform are related to or could have been prevented by professional maintenance. Routine care is about more than just maintaining. It’s about smart prevention, too.
  • A longer system lifespan. Generally you’re shooting for about ten to fifteen years of service from your furnace. But without maintenance, you can easily cut that expectation in half.
  • Better air quality. If you have a cleaner HVAC system, you have cleaner air. Annual inspections help many Ohio homeowners deal with our allergen-ridden area.

Do you like paying more money for less performance, or calling in for furnace repair yearly or more? Probably not; no one does! These are the core reasons why we encourage all of our patrons to take advantage of our superior maintenance services.

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Should You Upgrade Your Fireplace?

Fireplaces in your home provide a level of comfort and luxury that is hard to match. If you’re the proud owner of a wood burning fireplace, you know well the advantages they bring. But have you considered upgrading your fireplace to a gas system? If you haven’t, you might be missing out on some excellent advantages.

The experts at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating have been helping homeowners get the most out of their home heating and comfort systems for over half a century. Our professionals always provide quality service, and when you choose Kellermeier, your needs always come first.

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Why Should You Pursue a Fireplace Upgrade?

Fireplace systems in general are pretty gorgeous. However, they tend to feature in homes for decades without seeing much in the way of improvement. Consider for a moment your windows, or perhaps your home appliances.You tend to upgrade and replace them over time, seeking higher efficiency and a better aesthetic appeal. Why not apply this to your fireplace, too? With our upgrade services, you can do exactly that!

Fireplace Upgrade Services with Kellermeier

Our upgrades allow you to gain a great deal, including the effectiveness and efficiency of a gas system as well as a boost to the safety and visual appeal of your fireplace. Our experts can help you with:

  • Gas fireplace installation. Build a fireplace that fits the scale of your space, creating a warm and inviting source of heat for any room in your Ohio home.
  • Choose a handsome and appealing fireplace. Update fireboxes and trim panels supplied from world-leading manufacturers that seamlessly blend into the style of your living space, creating a gorgeous, modern hearth that provides warmth and comfort for your home.
  • Wood to gas conversion. Make the change to gas for a cleaner, more comfortable fireplace that suits your room more appropriately and with less mess and stress.  
  • Versatility in your choices. Choose a gas insert or vented fireplace according to your personal tastes. We can help you build the ideal fireplace for your home.

The Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

Our gas fireplace upgrade service can bring you more than just a pretty fireplace! Changing to gas can net you:

  • Fuel-efficiency
  • Safety
  • Consistency in heat
  • No sparking or flare ups
  • Clean fireplaces with very little maintenance

Fireplace Upgrades with Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating

Ready to build the warm, inviting fireplace of your dreams? You can always trust the certified professionals to bring you the best in home services and heating solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our fireplace updates and services, or to schedule an appointment!