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Grill Buying Guide

Whether you’re a long-time grillmaster or simply getting started in the world of grilled meats and veggies, purchasing a grill can prove quite daunting. Year after year manufacturers put out endless improvements over previous iterations of gas, propane, and wood or coal burning grills. It can be hard to get your bearings, let alone choose.

At Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating, we provide top-quality, world-leading grilling products from MHP®, ProFire®, and Phoenix. We’re proud to offer these grilling options, as we find them to be some of the best out there! But how do you choose your ideal grill?

Grill Buyer’s Guide: Covering the Basics

There are a few “types” of barbecue grill out there, and sussing out which you prefer will serve to narrow down your options considerably. Each carries unique benefits, and grillmasters all over the world swear by one type or the other. Let’s briefly list these out.

  • Gas grills. These grilling solutions are installed directly to your home’s gas line, and provide a very reliable grilling option that is great for those who intend to grill very often. They offer a very clean, steady burn that is well-suited to cooking most items you would consider.
  • Propane grills. Propane grills allow portability, letting you to relocate your setup when necessary. Propane also allows for the fastest cooking of all grill types, as it generates more BTUs per unit of fuel than any other grill option. Some find the fast cooking times daunting, but we enjoy it for searing medium cuts or cooking poultry.
  • Electric grills. Electric grills used to get a bad rap, but technology has come a long way in improving them. Most still wouldn’t choose electric over gas or propane, but they’re easy to clean and allow for very controlled cooking that makes breakfasts or veggies an easy task. However, since you can opt for an electric plate or flat-top griddle addition for gas or electric grills, there is even less reason to get a dedicated electric grill.
  • Wood or charcoal burning grills. For more rustic cooking, many homeowners choose charcoal or wood chip grills. Since they can be a bit of a pain, many of our clients in Ohio choose to have a small charcoal grill in addition to a gas or propane grill for smoking or wood chip cooking infusions.

Narrowing Down Your Selection

Got a particular grill from the above list in mind? Excellent! Now that you know your type of gas or propane grill, you can begin narrowing down the list according to more specific details. Always take into account:

  • Price range. Just like purchasing anything, you should set an ideal price range. This helps you avoid overspending and gives you a more ideal list to choose from.
  • Grill size. Know who you’re cooking for. Do you plan on hosting big cookouts with your outdoor grill or is the goal to serve you and your family alone? Having the right size for serving makes a huge impact on your selection!
  • Where you would like your grill installed. If you’re choosing a gas grill for your Ohio home, it’s imperative that you know where you want to install. Once the grill is placed, it cannot be moved without some serious work, so be sure to be happy with your choice.

Gas Grills and Propane Grills in Perrysburg and Bowling Green Ohio

Feeling the urge to go propane or gas? We would, too! Count on the certified and trusted experts at Kellermeier Heating & Plumbing to bring you the best in grill installation services for your home. Contact us today to get the installation you need!