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Tips to Help Keep Cooling Costs Down This Summer

Keeping cooling costs manageable and living comfortably shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. In northwest Ohio, many homeowners have found ways to lower the operating costs of their AC and still maintain a cool, comfy home. By making a few affordable and simple changes, you can afford to ‘chill out’ without breaking the bank.

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Why Should I Sign Up for an Energy Savings Agreement?

Homeowners—especially the most prudent ones – are always on the lookout for ways to save money. One of the most obvious ways is to reduce one’s monthly utility bill. Signing up for an energy savings agreement with your local HVAC company can be a real money saver. As with anything mechanical, maintenance is critical to a heating and air conditioning system. When you sign up for an energy savings agreement plan like the one offered by Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating you reap the benefits of:

Money savings – A monthly budget is one of the most difficult—and most important—things that any single, couple or young family must maintain. An energy savings agreement can potentially make the whole process easier. Instead of worrying about sudden repairs, a maintenance program can spot small repairs before they become larger, more expensive repairs. Energy Savings Agreements, like the one from Kellermeier, offer discounts on repairs and services!

Lower energy bills – Not only does an energy savings plan make your budgeting process a whole lot easier but it can also reduce your overall spending over the course of a year. When your heating and cooling system is running efficiently, you maximize your energy efficiency. The slightest problem with an HVAC system can drastically decrease its performance and unfortunately, increase your monthly bills.

Building professional relationships – Believe it or not, companies are as interested in relationships as you are. It is far more expensive for them to find new customers than it is for them to maintain the ones that they already have. For this simple reason, they will go out of their way to keep you in the fold. In short, with a little foresight, an energy savings agreement is a win-win situation for both the client and the company. When you sign up for an Energy Savings Agreement, they usually come with priority service!

Heating & Cooling Services in the Toledo, Perrysburg & Findlay Area

In northwest Ohio, on average, home heating systems runs 6500 hours and our cooling system runs 750 hours per year. Over this time, there is a tremendous amount of burden being put on the system. Prime areas that are addressed during a tune-up are blowers, motors, filters, indoor and outdoor coils, and gas air mixers to name a few. By having a tune-up performed annually on the heating and cooling system you can be assured that you receive peak performance from your system and extended its life. For further information on energy savings agreements and how they can benefit the homeowner, call the heating and cooling professionals at Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating—419-823-9143!