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How Hard is Your Water?

Probably the most recognizable symptoms of hard water are soap scum in the tub and shower, and hard water spots on faucets, fixtures and glassware. According to an Ohio State University study, the average person cleaning a home spends more than six hours a month cleaning tap water spots, streaks and scum alone. Hardness minerals react with soaps and detergents leaving a residue that is difficult to rinse from bathtubs, sink faucets and fixtures. The same residue is often left on hair, skin and clothing, although not as visible in these instances, it can leave your skin dry and itchy and cause clothing to fade and wear prematurely. Hardness is dissolved Calcium and Magnesium or rock. These are left behind when you do laundry, take a shower and wash your hair. The harder your water is the more detergent, soap and shampoo it requires to do the same job. A water softener can rectify these situations. With a water softener you can reduce the amount of soap and detergents used, lessen cleaning time, extend the life of your clothing and have softer hair and skin. Even city water is considered hard according to appliance manufacturers. Please give us a call to see how we can help you and your family have softer water. 419-823-9143

BBQ Season

We finally have some warm weather to be able to get out and enjoy! While many people barbeque no matter what the weather, most wait until the warmer months. If you go to any big box store you will see all the grills lined up out front waiting to be swooped up by the next outdoor chief. The reason there are so many grills lined up is that on the average a gas grill lasts from 2-16 years, and most last less than 5 years..

You can buy a grill from $29 to over $10,000. How do you know what to get?

Check out the materials the grill is made of. Just because it is stainless steel doesn’t make it last forever. There are different qualities of stainless. Take a magnet with you (refrigerator magnets work well). If a magnet sticks to any part of the grill (including fasteners and handles) it is either not stainless or a lower quality stainless and will most likely rust.

Many of the most popular brands have had to lower their quality to be sold at the big box stores. Look inside, if you can see to the bottom of the grill it most likely will have extremely uneven heating which leads to some food that is burned and some that is undone.

With the MHP grill we carry, you can be assured that you will not be buying another grill every 5 years, maybe not even in your lifetime. The MHP grills carry a limited lifetime warranty and even the fasteners are corrosion free. With porcelain briquettes the cooking surface is extremely even and will produce consistent results every time. With the MHP grill you can have propane or natural gas, Sear Magic grates or stainless, side burner, rotisserie, stainless or cast aluminum, open cart, column base or even a permanent mounting to name a few of the options.

We even have the kit to build it into a countertop of an outdoor kitchen. You select the grill head you want then decide what type of mounting and options work best for you. We then assemble it to your specifications. With a hose connection you can hook it up to your home’s gas supply and eliminate the need to refill propane tanks. MHP was the first gas grill commercially sold in 1960. MHP grills are only sold through professionals and made in the USA.

Bottom line:  You get what you pay for.

Please stop by and see our grills on display and stop replacing your grill every few years. Have an old grill that needs some repairs? MHP is also a supplier of repair parts for major manufacturers of grills.

Give us a call.  We would be happy to discuss our many grill options.  419-823-9143Picture1